[: lit3rally just scr33nshots of hom3stuck wh3r3 som3on3 is b3ing hit/bonk3d. or just þings in hom3stuck i think r fun. idk i just þink its silly :]

[: also just a g3n3ral plac3 to talk about hom3stuck. my typing quirk is p basic tbh, just r3placing "e" with "3" and "th" with "þ." i surround my paragraphs with [: :] and capitaliz3 animal nam3s. i dont capitalize oth3r words for þe most part and typically dont us3 much punctuatioin oth3r þan p3riods. :]

[: back to þe hom3 pag3 :]

[: i f33l lik3 talking about my hom3stuck þoughts. my all tim3 favorit3 charact3r is n3p3ta (my b3lov3d), but i r3ally lik3 kankri and dirk þ3y ar3 just so silly. i also r3ally lik3 aran3a and am v3ry mad sh3 wasnt abl3 to giv3 mor3 3xposition. l3t h3r sp3ak. :]

[: h3h3 i am now in coll3g3!! i am so pow3rful and also cool. i hav3 þ3 ability to tortur3 my room/mat3 wiþ hom3stuck!!! h3h3h3h3h3. iv3 start3d r3r3ading hom3stuck b3caus3 no god can stop m3, im curr3ntly on pag3 1169 (haha nic3) and its going good. r3al pogg3rs man. :]

(þis on3s from þ3 wiki)