English Final!!! Hi everyone :)

format credit goes to sadgrl.online, simple skinny 00s layout. I did NOT have the motivation to make this on my own (but I'll probably make one for my actual website when I get around to redoing it)

So...who am I?
I'm Ris Kabanek! There's really not much to say about me. I like historical neopronouns, animals, hiking, aerial hoop, various games, reading, sometimes writing, my friends, making (bad) websites, knitting (poorly), crochet (also poorly), spinning yarn (again, poorly. I'm learning!) stuff like that. I've recently gone through an...experience, to say the least. I had a really bad PMDD cycle through the year and it caused me to fall very behind in almost all of my classes. I was pretty much forced into therapy after around a week of being unable to get out of bed from depression. It wasn't a great time. At the same time, I learned that having constant back pain isn't normal, and was pretty much banned from exercising by my coach. I learned quite a bit during this experience, got more information on medical diagnoses, all that fun stuff. Now, during this week, I'm catching up on literally all of my classes after months of being unable to do pretty much anything. Wish me luck!
To the left are some links that lead to various things. My Works leads to some different works of mine, not just from this class or this year. From there, I have some of my commentary on them, what I was doing before, what I was going through, etc. Others Works leads to on various stories I've read, art I enjoy, that kind of thing. Why a Website? leads to a little explanation as to why I decided to make an entire website instead of like, a poster or something that wouldn't take me six hours.