Some stuff by other people!! I just like sharing what I enjoy :D

In terms of authors, I love Dennis Baron, who wrote What's Your Pronoun? Beyond He and She. As someone who's working on a video essay about neopronouns, this book has been a great jumping off point for the history of neopronouns, I just really like it. He also released a new book...last year? maybe? I haven't read it but it's on my list. There's also Gretchen McCulloch's Because Internet, a book that goes into how language has changed through the internet. Love it.
Short stories...I don't read as many as I want to but some classic ones I like are The Lottery by Shirley Jackson, The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell (I reference this CONSTANTLY. I think its so fun to say "damn that's so sanger rainsford core" when someone feels like someone is watching them).
Art time!!!!!!! I LOVE all of John Brosios paintings. I mean, look at them!! They are so cool!!!! He has a series of paintings that show a person looking at a creature they wouldn't see often (often a dinosaur fossil) called Two Earthlings and I'm gonna be honest it fucks me up sometimes. Love this guys work.
That's just some stuff I like :)